Gods waiting room


I don’t know about you but sometimes or let’s say most of the times I want to do this ☝☝☝. I am a perfectionist, and part of being a perfectionist is that I always want things to happen and more so, the way I want: as soon as possible (A.S.A.P) However, I came to realise that this might have had an effect in my relationship with God.

We are all familiar with the story of the Israelites, one of the most famous stories in the Old Testament. (Exodus chapters 16-17)
The Israelites complained to Moses about everything, that they even desired to had been left with Pharaoh. Their patience towards Canaan was running low with every challenge they faced. 40years in the wilderness!!!(Joshua 5:6) I try to think about that and it gives me chills, will I really wait for that long??? Not necessarily 40yrs but that long???

Have you been in a situation whereby you initially believe in Gods timing. You wait. You wait. You wait. You even get to tell yourself that God is working. However it reaches a point where these words lose meaning and that hope begins to fade away. And yes I have been there and yes I have wanted to yell, but then I remember my position.

Waiting on God is hard. Personally, I am still learning too. There are times I would want to use my way but at the end of the day I realise it would cost me much than just waiting, but I do it anyway. Fortunately, I flop! because God loves me and wants to teach me to wait.
Proverbs 19:2
Willingness and stupidity don’t go well together, if you are too eager you will miss the road(youth Bible). In other words, being impatient might land you in trouble. I believe I can give testimonies on this!!

Psalms 37:7-8
Rest in the Lord, wait patiently for him to act. Don’t fret and worry. It only leads to harm.

This has been my guiding verse every time I feel like God forgot about me. It pushes me to the very end, because every time I feel He is silent, he is working. I remember when I prayed to be healed of asthma because I was tired of being overly dependent on asthma medications. Well the healing wasn’t as soon as I expected but i did receive it. I don’t even remember when I had the last asthma attack! It has been that long. Hallelujah!!!

Patience is not part of me, but God has been teaching me to wait on Him. His timing is always perfect. He is never too early never too late, just at the right time. How perfect can that be??

Gods waiting room may not be a smooth ride, but it’s worth it.
Learn to wait, to be patient in Him.



5 thoughts on “Gods waiting room

  1. Oh wow! Thank you Raquel. I can totally relate to this. I had been so impatient, I somewhat still am. But God has been teaching me patience daily, the spirit convicting anytime I want to rush things. Several verses in Proverbs warn on “riches hastily gotten,” that they don’t last. Let’s learn to be totally dependent on God.


    1. I love that. I am also learning to be patient and to wait on Him, it has not been easy but it is worth it. May God continue guiding you. Thanks so much


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