His will be done??


Ever heard the phrase ‘may your will be done’???!! I bet you have. Not only have you heard someone else say that but I believe once in a while you have mentioned this term in your prayer. My question is are you ready for his will to be done?? Do you mean what you say???

Well to me this was just a normal phrase that had to be included in prayer until Gods’ will happened and I wasn’t really ready for that yet.  It was far from what I expected, I knew He is always up to make me happy and all but I came to understand as much as salvation is free, discipleship is costly!!!☺☺

The story of Jesus is the best example of Gods’ will. Luke 22:41-42;
“Jesus walked on a little way before he knelt down and prayed. Father, if you will, please don’t make me suffer by drinking from this cup. But do what you want, not what I want”(youth Bible).
For Jesus to rest in the fact that God would do his will I believe he rested on the peace of God. To do the best.


If you are really serious about walking with God, He will teach you, and guide you, and comfort you, and yes, you will know His peace in your life. The peace of God is an indicator of allowing Gods’ guidance, allowing Him to do according to his will. Colossians 3:15 urges us to let the peace of God rule in us.

I now understand that my prayer will not only be to ask God do his will but to also give me the heart to accept his will because it may be hard sometimes. I chose to be spiritually minded and not be carnally minded. (Romans 8:6) I choose to allow Gods will to prevail in my life. Do not seek to be self indulgent or self sufficient as a carnal minded person would be.

Choose to rest on the peace of God to do what  He knows is best. Step by step….as I learn to let go and let God😊😊


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