Do you really understand how blessed you are?

Do you understand what it means to give thanks in ALL circumstances? Do you really understand why the bible asks that of us, clearly stating ‘ALL’ and not ‘sometimes’? Do you really understand what it means to have radical gratitude? Do you really understand that you are highly blessed than you think you are?

Truth is, the more deeply you understand God’s love, the more grateful you are going to be.

“Give thanks in ALL circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” (1st Thessalonians 5:18)

We have all had our fair share of troubles in the restroom(loo), I believe. There are times your urge of having the long calls seem like more of a nightmare because the struggle known s constipation will not allow you to have an easy time inside there. It also reaches a point because the pain actually makes you yell “Jesus” because you think it might help.(NB:I am not going through constipation heheh)

But there are times you will actually not struggle to let it out, but will otherwise struggle to keep it in, because your stomach decided to let go of all ‘holding threads’. You know what I meanπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

What about the short calls you make daily, that leave you feeling relieved because at the end of the day it’s actually normal to do so isn’t it?? Actually it’s not just normal, that’s actually a miracle.

Recently, I saw a story of a young man who pays to urinate as he has no kidneys (not just lacking one but actually both) therefore he cannot excrete urine! It costs him 12,000kshs a session(dialysis), one that he attends twice in a week. I bet you can do the math for the year!

Just a few months ago, a family friend passed on after having a digestion problem in which he couldn’t be able to pass stool. The story of several visits to the hospitals (to have his rectum/intestines cleared) and millions of shillings involved is one you are familiar with.

Let me take you back to you normal state, rather what you think is normal, having an easy time to poop and pee! (Forgive the blunt language).

Do you know the uncomfortable feeling you get when you really want to pee or poop but you can’t just because you there is no loo around? How did it feel? Well, that is someone’s daily life.

My point is, even the simplest things in life that we have assumed as normal aren’t normal, they are blessings bestowed upon us. 

Many think that giving thanks to God is more of the big blessings that we get to see, but actually it’s in the smallest of things that we often assume, it’s in those that we find the greatest blessings!

So if you get to eat and chew your food without any help of tubes or even get to eat whatever the world has to offer, not forgetting having to pee and poop at your own comfort, you have the biggest reason to give thanks!

So do you really understand what giving thanks in ALL circumstances means?


Love you!


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