Greatest sermons aren’t preached but lived!

All scripture is God-breathed useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work” ~ 2nd Timothy 3:16-17

What if someone were to follow me around with a video camera documenting my every move? Catch my expressions, reactions, responses, just everything and combine all that, and play it on some TV. What would the message be?

The thought of this just shook me to my inner core! Conviction!!! Mmmh???

I believe we have all been asked to describe ourselves! And I believe you had some of the most amazing answers that would the other party convinced that they are nothing matched to you. But sometimes the hustles in this life betray your best intentions.

Let’s be honest: being a sold out soul to Christ stuck in a body that is so tempted to sin is kind of tough. You really want to be that true definition of a servant of God, but the reality of life would somehow not let you prosper. 

You meet with people who push the buttons that awake the inner demons in you(anger, rude& narcissistic comments/actions etc..)….that need not be pushed, because sometimes when that happens, you actually take a break from the kingdom of God to deal with it “kiulimwengu”

(Some of the comments you just keep to yourself to avoid terminating your friendship)

But thanks to God for his mercies, are new every morning. Jesus still invites us to sit with him, to share with him, in the joys, the frustrations, the soo good and the not soo good. 

He knows what each day holds. And sometimes all it takes is for us to indulge in scripture to get strength from his word. To get direction, to get comfort. A minute spent with Jesus, though prayer, meditation of scripture or whatever it is, goes a long way in living the daily life, being witnesses of him.

Atleast that I know will help me live through the day, as his witness.

I still recall a statement by one of my friends during a prayer meeting:

You might be the only Bible a person ever gets to read”

So let your life be the greatest sermon ever.


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